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A woman's wedding ring. Buying Your Wedding Rings
Jeffrey P. Bigham

The Wedding Rings

Now that you're engaged (hopefully after having read my Engagement Ring Article), you're now ready to purchase your wedding rings. Both partners receive these in traditional marriages, and, while some debate exists as to weather a man is expected to always wear his, both partners wear their rings to signify the commitment they each made on their wedding day. Fortunately, for us men, the most difficult part of the pre-wedding ring buying experience is over. Having already purchased the engagement ring, our days of guessing what our fiance will like have gladly ended and we are left to approve happily of whatever ring she picks and help choose a ring we think we'll be able to bear.


Purchasing Your Wedding Rings Can Be Simple!

Purchasing wedding rings is pretty simple and straightforward, but this short article will help you avoid common pitfalls. Almost everyone wants to get the ring of their choosing for as little money as possible, so I'll also give you some tips on getting a great deal.

Wedding Rings

Later, I'll offer some specific advise for the bride and groom about choosing their respective rings, but first some general advice. For many men, the process of buying an engagement ring can be stressful. Not only do you have to worry about proposing a life-changing commitment, but you also have to pick out a ring that your future bride will love, try to be sneaky about determining her size and plan an amazing proposal. Choosing your wedding rings is much different. It can be done together and, for many couples, the wedding rings will be the first major purchase that they make together. It's a great chance to grow and learn about the person you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

What's a good ring for him?

Much of what will make a good ring for the groom is dependent on his tastes. Whether he prefers gold, white gold or platinum is largely a personal choice. Gold is slightly cheaper but can wear down over many years. White gold is plated yellow gold and can eventually turn yellowish. Platinum is a heavier metal and, while it tends to ding more than gold, it can be polished back to its original size and shape. Other options you can choose from are whether or not to have diamonds or other stones in the ring, whether or not to have a design in the ring and, finally, the width of the ring.

Regarding the width, most men will be happier with a wider ring. Especially when viewed online, the thinner rings can look like they'll be sufficient and they're certainly cheaper, but a wider ring looks more masculine and most men prefer them. Unless you have shorter than average fingers, I suggest you choose a ring that is at least 6 mm wide.

What will match her engagement ring?

You'll want the metal used in her engagement ring to be the same as the metal used for her wedding ring. Her wedding ring will be worn on the same finger as her engagement ring, so pick its thickness so that the combined width of the engagement ring and wedding ring aren't too much for her finger. I suggest a combined width of no more than 7-10 mm depending on the length of her fingers and her willingness to put up with discomfort.

Other than that, it's mostly about personal preference and price.

Where should you buy your rings and how do you get a deal?

Purchasing your rings online via a reputable online retailer can allow you to get a great price without sacrificing anything. If the retailer isn't based in your state, then you can also avoid paying sales tax on the ring, which could add up to a couple hundred dollars. Of course, you'll want to check with the tax laws of your local state to see if you're expected to pay the sales tax at a later date. If you buy online, you'll still need to know your ring sizes and, fortunately, Blue Nile will be happy to send you a handy ring sizer. Just fill out the request here and in less than a week you'll receive your free ring sizer. As an added bonus, when I bought my wedding rings the ring sizer came with a discount code that let me save $100 per ring off the already low prices that they offer.

There are some advantages to buying a brick & mortar store, however. Chiefly, you'll be able to see and touch, in person, the ring that you're going to buy. You'll also be sure to get the size right the first time and, if anything goes wrong, you can just take it back to the store. Of course, you'll also pay a higher price because buildings and salespeople aren't free and are added onto the cost of your rings. You'll also have to pay sales tax unless you happen to live in Oregon or Delaware where there isn't a sales tax. If you're particularly thrifty and don't mind walking into a moral gray area, you can visit a brick & mortar store, and pick out your ring and get them to size you, but purchase the ring online. You might even rationalize it by saying that if you're particularly struck by a ring that you will buy it.


Unlike shopping for an engagement ring, this is something that can and should be done together. Have fun and spend some time together picking out these symbols of your future life together. Look at a lot of rings to get a sense of what you want and then buy online to save some money. If you do all of that, you'll love your rings, you won't go broke, and through the process you might even grow a little closer to your future wife.

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