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Get Mooving!
by Jennifer Ordway

Have an extra 5lbs you'd like to lose? (...or 10, 20, 50?) An easy way to burn extra calories is to get moving! Movement requires energy, energy used = calories burned. Every extra movement we make contributes to our weight maintenance, or lack thereof! One of my favorite ways to burn extra calories is to contract my butt muscles while I'm sitting at my desk or driving in the car. Another great idea is to walk anywhere possible instead of drive. My fiance and I walk to dinner every night possible, either the grocery store or a restaurant. It really works up our appetite, and helps us walk off our full tummies after a big meal. You can even track calories burned through walking on this site.

Some other quick ideas:

  • 15 minute jog/walk in the morning before breakfast.
  • 5-10 mins of abs in the morning.
  • Walk on breaks from work instead of snacking or chatting.
  • Turn on some music and dance!
  • Hand stands against the wall.
  • Calf raises while you are standing around.
  • Squats in the shower.