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Keep it Colorful!
by Jennifer Ordway

When you look at your dinner plate, what do you see? A pile of similar looking, tasting, and feeling foods? Or... a multicolored, flavorful palette that can win over your taste buds and imagination? Far too often, we seem to identify with the former and fall into a burdensome, unhealthy, food rut. A colorful plate of food is important at every meal to keep yourself interested with different tastes, colors, and textures. Equally important are all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals you'll consume in the process. One easy, and healthy way to obtain a kaleidoscopic plate is to add fruits and veggies to every meal. The more colorful the food, the better the chance you'll get the most nutrients and fiber included in your meal. You'll also be more likely to ward off food boredom and feel better all day long.

  • A color in a fruit or veggie can tell you a lot about what it can do for you.
  • Reds include foods such as: red apples, cherries, cranberries, red grapes, grapefruit, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, beets, red peppers, radishes, and tomatoes. These foods help protect your heart, memory, and urinary tract, and fight against some cancers.
  • Orange/yellows promote heart, vision, and immune system health, as well as lower risk for some cancers. Orange/yellows can be found in yellow apples, apricots, cantaloupe, lemon, mangoes, nectarines, oranges, peaches, pineapples, tangerines, carrots, yellow peppers, and sweet potatoes.
  • Blue/purples can be found in blackberries, blueberries, plums, purple grapes, raisins, purple cabbage, and eggplant. These foods promote healthy aging, memory function and urinary tract health, have antioxidant and antiaging properties, as well as lower risk for some cancers.
  • Greens promote healthy vision, strong bones and teeth, and lower risk for some cancers. Greens include avocados, green grapes and apples, kiwi, limes, artichokes, arugula, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, green beans, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, peas, green peppers, zucchini, and watercress.
  • *Whites/tans/browns include bananas, dates, white peaches and nectarines, brown pears, cauliflower, garlic, ginger, kohlrabi, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, turnips, and shallots. Whites assist already healthy cholesterol levels, lower the risk of some cancers, and promote heart health.

    Stick to these general color rules, and you'll be happier, healthier, and more satisfied from your meals!

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