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Cow Tips!
by Jennifer Ordway

  • Keep it Coloful! -
    How keeping your diet colorful can make you healthier.
  • Too much of a good thing? -
    A useful guide to how vitamins behave in your body and what that means for your vitamin requirements.
  • Feelin' Good with Fiber -
    Almost everyone knows that fiber is good for you, but I still think it's underated.
  • Get Moovin' -
    Just a little movement during your daily routine can make a huge difference. Dance while you work, clench your butt on the bus, or just wiggle your toes and you'll be on your way to sustainable weight loss.
  • Caffeine is Good -
    Many of us enjoy a warm cup of coffee and an occassional iced latte, but did you know they can be good for your health? In this cow tip, Jenny explains why caffeine not only wakes up you but can aid in your exercise and weight-loss goals.